Can You Hear It?

Social Media creates a large opportunity to those willing to take advantage of community word of mouth, and can drive up your business profitability. Social Media Marketing is the process of getting viral, exponential website traffic through the power of people, by utilizing tools and strategies for gaining recognition on social media platforms.

Social Media Word of Mouth Management

  1. Page Building - You have to have a presence before you can promote the presence.
  2. Profile Building - A page is one thing, a real faces gives your brand credibility.
  3. Follower and Like Building - The wave has to start somewhere.
  4. Automatic distribution - Don't double your content work.
  5. Conversation connectors - Responsive communication wins hearts.
  6. Metrics - Data reports about the reach and reactions.
  7. App Building - Ongoing engagement has more benefits than we could list in 10 of these lists.

How it Works

There are many benefits from social media but it can also have major pitfalls if not done correctly. After analyzing your industry and the best social media community to get you results, Buildr then manages and/or automates your social media profiles, apps, and pages to position your company as an industry expert and social media hit.

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