Responsive Website Development

Responsive website development involves building websites, which are accessible through devices of all screen sizes. If your website is not optimized to be accessed through mobile devices, then you may be losing massive opportunities to take your business to the next level.

We at Cloud7 Services develop websites that can be accessed easily through computer as well as mobile devices. We design highly responsive mobile websites that help you to reach thousands of potential customers, who look for products and services through the mobile platform. The number of mobile users is growing at an extreme rate and it is thus necessary to create high quality responsive websites. It is an essential part of any website or web application development.

What is Responsive Web Design?

When a website is developed, its display quality should support a full screen monitor of a computer. But for viewing on screens of different sizes like smartphone or tablets, there needs to be some readjustments for users. To reduce this task for users, we design mobile responsive websites. A mobile supportive website readjusts its content, images, display in order to ensure it is accessible through all devices. We use advanced tools and techniques that makes your webpage accessible to any screen sizes, and at all resolutions.

Why do I Need a Mobile-Responsive Website?

Creating a website that works in both mobile devices and websites is always a smart technique for companies to use, for getting more customers. Because this is an age where number of mobile web usage is increasing at a huge rate, it gives you an enormous opportunity to increase your business potential. Through the websites which are compatible to devices of all sizes, companies can reach to millions of customers without any technical obstacle.

Benefits of Mobile Application:
  • Opens wide area for distribution.
  • Generates business by increasing leads.
  • It creates brand awareness in the market.
  • Gains customer’s reliability.
  • Upgrades advocacy and sharing.
  • Easy access to features what you don't get in desktop (Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, One Click Call).
  • Benefits of Mobile Responsive Webpage:
  • No lengthy tiring approval process.
  • One single code base is more powerful.
  • A standard look.
  • Generating more revenue.

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