Extensive Pay Per Click Marketing Solutions For Businesses

Pay per click or PPC is the most instant and directly measurable advertising medium available today. It is the only guaranteed way to be #1 in search engine results. PPC is an ideal launch pad into other campaigns due to the detailed insight you can gather about what people look for, when they are ready to buy.

Our expertise in implementing and maintaining your pay per click campaign enables our specialists to determine which campaigns will maximize your investments each month. By developing a long term relationship with you we can customize for your specific goals and objectives to ensure your return-on-investment.

Pay Per Click Management

  1. Gain an understanding of your customer. What are their triggers?
  2. Get a Complete analysis of your PPC history. (if applicable)
  3. Develop your initial PPC strategy.
  4. Set initial expectations and specific goals.
  5. Reviewing and ongoing Consulting of your website for PPC success.
  6. Design and build proper campaigns for both search & content network advertising.
  7. Perform a comprehensive keyword research and selection.
  8. Build and implement a comprehensive negative keyword list.
  9. Use of proper keyword categorization, matching options and AdGroup development.
  10. Write effective ad copy with multiple ads per AdGroup for testing.
  11. Use of budgeting tools accordingly.
  12. Set proper ad timing and geographical targeting.
  13. Guide proper tracking code installation for Google analytics and PPC conversion tracking.

How its Starts - Initial Analysis and Setup

The system to dominate PPC in a competitive landscape needs a custom setup specific to each and every client before we can turn it on and start bringing you customers. A competitive/industry analysis gives us the blueprint to launch and start padding your bank account. Through this analysis we will give you a solid foundation to get a return-on-investment whether you are 10 years into PPC or you are a new advertiser just starting out.

Having a great setup is the key to PPC success. Once finished, we would then be in the position to launch your campaigns and starting lining your pocket book. It allows us the chance to see data clearly, and make proper changes quickly and efficiently to benefit your bottom line.

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Whats Next? - Ongoing Account Management

Once you're active, PPC management consists of analyzing the results, continued strategy development, and keeping the platforms up to date by making the necessary changes. These tasks are ongoing and continue for as long as you choose to advertise. With time comes change and your results will depend on how well you adapt to these changes. That's where Cloud7 Services comes in. It is our job to be your teammate and react to the changes that will have an effect on your PPC investment and strategy. The key is great communication. We will inform you of results, current events and new opportunities.

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  1. A committed account executive for questions, concerns and ideas.
  2. Continued consulting of your business & website.
  3. Ongoing PPC strategy development.
  4. Continuous updates to reflect ongoing strategy changes.
  5. Position monitoring & continual bidding to achieve desired results.
  6. Ongoing keyword performance analysis, additions & deletions.
  7. Evolving ad copy analysis and testing.
  8. Continual conversion tracking analysis.
  9. Itemized PPC reporting & analysis.
  10. Trademark infringement protection.
  11. Fraud & strange event monitoring.
  12. Consistently working to Increase volume and decrease spend by attaining lower conversion costs, higher conversion rates, higher click through rates, and improved quality  scores.