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Responsive website development refers those websites which are accessible through devices of all screen sizes. We take our effort to a step further and develop mobile applications that help customers access your business and services easily from mobile devices.

Cloud7 Services designs and develops websites, optimized for both mobile and web platforms, including for all major mobile platforms including Android and Apple iOS. Our mobile app development process includes not only the design and development of applications, but also its development of front-end, and back-end of maintenance and support features.

We design responsive websites that can be accessed equally fast through computer as well as mobile devices. If your website is not optimized to be accessed through mobile devices, you might be losing a massive chunk of potential customers, and the opportunity to take your business to a higher level. Our mobile application development services enables to reach and convert thousands of potential customers who visit your website through mobile platforms.

Why do I Need a Mobile-Responsive Website?

Creating a website that works on both mobile and web devices is an effective technique for businesses to boost their customer bases. More and more customers are now accessing products and services from their mobile devices, instead of web devices. As a result, to establish your organization as a popular, reliable brand, it is integral that you focus on the mobile platform. We ensure that our smartly designed mobile responsive websites bring you better conversions, and remove all technical obstacles instantly.

Benefits of Mobile Application:

  • Wider channel for distribution.
  • Increased customer conversion rates.
  • Boosted brand awareness.
  • Better customer experience.
  • Upgrades advocacy and sharing.
  • Easy access to features what you don't get in desktop (Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, One Click Call)..

Benefits of Mobile Responsive Webpage:

  • No lengthy tiring approval process.
  • One single code base is more powerful.
  • A standardized look.
  • Higher revenue growth.