HTML5 Application Development

Cloud7 Services produces the most effective and entertaining applications and websites with the use of HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. We recognize the fact that HTML is the best tool to develop productive web apps, portals and websites. Moreover, games, animations, audio and video files are also developed using this language. It gives the best, most cutting-edge solutions across various platforms like iOS and Android.
The HTML 5 technology is also used to manage 2D and 3D contents effectively. Our functional app development supports all major browsers, devices and platforms.


  • HTML5 is the most preferred development
    solutions for enterprise.
  • Cost effective application development.
  • Supports huge storage of data.
  • Offline storage with efficient operations.
  • Reduces the effort to develop apps.
  • Application development native to browser.
  • Establishes good connectivity with speed.
  • Supports multiple input and output devices.
  • Develop single app suitable across multiple platforms.
  • Supports rich multimedia application development like animation, audio, and videos.
  • HTML5 Services

  • Customized development service
  • Feature-rich mobile app development
  • Social media applications
  • Games development
  • Web application requirements
  • Advanced client-server communication
  • Best format support for e-book publishing
  • Widget development
  • Testing/portability
  • Support and maintenance

  • Why Choose us?

  • We are well knowledgeable in handling HTML5 and other related technologies.
  • We have supportive infrastructure.
  • Expert in developing mobile application across all platform.
  • Customized website and application development.
  • Expert team of professionals.

  • Cloud7 Services is dedicated to provide the best service in the field of e-commerce web solutions. We ensure that you will get unique and unmatched service, to make your websites, e-stores and applications easily recognizable customers. For more details contact us at